to where you can find a range of fresh cut orchids and other finest vegetables and fruits we offer to you all year-round. We dedicated to high quality products, on time delivery and satisfactory price. Our plantation sites locate near Bangkok so that it is easy to deliver fresh products to our factory for high quality packing.

Our orchid's specialization includes Dendrobium, Aranda and Mokara. Not only these two categories we offer but also other kinds of orchids ranging from Oncidium to Vanda. Besides offering fresh cut orchids to beautify your world, we also offer premium vegetables such as Okra, Baby Corn, and Asparagus, etc. Moreover, we also provide fresh and best quality Thai fruits, especially dragon fruit as your requests.

Wherever you are in the world, whenever you think of fresh orchids or other agricultural products grown in Thailand's fertile grounds, please come visit our web site where we can offer your expectations at once.

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